20 years latexr  we designed and built a new upper level crow’s nest via a steel spiral stair.

In 1981, we built the burnt adobe home shown below. 

It was our first home and to our ecological credit

we built a roof top hot air collector,

a rock bed storage under the house

and a solar heating system for the pool – x

all exciting & innovative at the time,

but the industry, public awareness and taylordesign + BUILD

have evolved significantly since then! . 

Our design capabilities and skills have grown

with the experience of hundreds of other interesting design + BUILD work.  

the G O U L D residence

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t  a  y  l  o  r  d  e  s  i  g  n  + B  U  I  L  D

The GOULD residence was designed primarily by Will Reidel, 30 some years ago, during my architectural apprenticeship with MacNeil & Reidel Architects.  It became my first BUILD project and I was totally immersed in an exciting year long construction. 

Thick radiating walls of double burnt adobe divide the spaces that surround a central access courtyard. The south side rooms follow the path of the day's sun; starting early morning on the east side with the breakfast/kitchen, around to midday dining, and then to the west side sitting room at night. 

Besides the floor plan, the solar design was ahead of its time with a rock bed storage below the floor which was used to exchange solar heated air from black glazed boxes on the roof which re-directed hot air to rocks in daytime, releasing heat via fans and thermostatically controlled dampers to living spaces at night.

20 years later  a fresh perspective     /  crow’s nest