The home’s public domain and two first floor private bedrooms all open onto shaded outdoor living spaces. The strong horizontality of the canopy roof dominates the disparate parts and unifies them into a coherent architectural whole. The dark smooth colored concrete floor (below left) rises up at the fireplace to create an integrated hearth and then extends through the window wall, as does the ceiling, to the outside, carrying the inside visually to the outdoor living space. 

Around the pool area the concrete is sandblasted modifying its smooth texture and lightening its color to help functionally with the summer heat.  Below right is a quiet shower/enclosure and hidden skylight.  The lower/bottom left gives a peek onto the garden roof, which is accessible from the second floor master bedroom, and viewable from the second floor hallway and guest bathroom. The lower/bottom right roof cantilevers precisely above the sunset patio  and mimics the shape of the patio below, an implied spatial containment.

Our credentials, a challenging site and a client willing to take some risks produced this great cliffside home for the retiring provost from R.I.T. in Rochester, NY.  We designed this home in 2001 with energy saving Insulated Concrete Formed walls, highly insulated roof, extensive shaded patios, and an innovative roof garden; the first of its kind in Arizona.

Recognitions and Awards

AIA Tucson Lifestyle "Home of the year"  I   Award 2005    |    completed in 2003    |   3800 sf

“Riverfront Residence: Greening the Desert”  online Architecture


AIA Tucson Lifestyle "Home of the year"  I   Award 2005    |    completed 2003    |   3800 sf

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A 30-60 degree triangular roof shape integrates the indoor functions with the outdoor and creates capital ‘A’  Architecture to the 90 degree, L-shaped plan.  The pointed western sunset patio anchors the home by embracing the hillside.